A night with the Navajo


Your adventure begins at the Navajo Welcome Center, where you meet up with your Navajo guide. You climb into a Jeep and set out to explore this mythical land of buttes and mesas.

In addition to admiring viewpoints accessible to the public, such as John Ford Point, your guide will take you off the beaten track. You will also have the chance to visit a traditional Navajo hogan (dwelling) made from juniper logs and packed red earth: warm in winter and cool in summer.

After taking dozens of photos along the way, you will be treated to a cultural demonstration by none other than your guide! This will vary depending on the guide's particular talents: singing, flute, dancing, etc.

At sundown, after enjoying a typical Navajo meal, share unforgettable moments around a campfire, to the sound of distant coyotes.

Then you make your way to the camp where you spend the night in a hogan.

In the morning, you have the chance to watch the sun rise over Totem Pole: a truly breathtaking sight! 

After a light breakfast, your guide will escort you to your vehicle. You're sure to leave with a heavy heart and lasting memories!



from $250