How do I create my custom trip?

Step by step

1- Identify the itinerary that looks the most like the trip you would like to take in our Road Trips section.

2- Enter your departure date and the number of travellers, then click on "Calculate my price".

3- You are now ready to add destinations, delete or duplicate days, change your accommodations, add activities, add a car rental and airline tickets. 

Note that it is important to create an account if you don't want to lose your changes. To create an account, request a quote by email (button at the bottom of the page or in the "Book" drop-down menu to the right of the road trip name), enter your information and click on "Create an account". An account will be created automatically if you book a trip.


Important note

While it is easy to customize your trip online, it is always best to speak to your Authentik travel specialist in person. Call us for free at our toll free number, which you will find at the bottom of every quote and on our website.


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