5 foolproof tips to save on your RV rental in the United States

 A U.S RV road trip gives you a front-row seat to the great American outdoors.  

Your vehicle will become your home away from home for the duration of your trip, and this is reflected in the price.

Here are 5 tips to help you save on your U.S. RV rental

#1. Book early

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It should come as no surprise: booking early will save you money. 

The law of supply and demand: does that bring back fond memories of high school? 

It applies perfectly here: the earlier you book, the more lenient the rental companies will be on the price, because they have more vehicles available.

Here is an example for a 10-day rental of a C-25, in peak summer season:

Booking made in October 2018: 

10 days x €120    €1200  

Booking made in May 2019: 

10 days x €253    €2530 

Savings of €133 per day, for a total savings of €1330

That's a meal budget with the best bottles of wine... or a second vehicle for Grandma who wants to come along with you and the kids. :;): emoji


#2. Book early

compare prices rv rental usa

Ah yes, it must also be said that rental companies don't really like giving gifts... unless it lets them know in advance that their entire fleet will be booked.

For example, here are some special offers from one of our rental companies, depending on the time of the year when the booking is made.

:fleche: emoji Booking before October 31

10% discount on vehicle rental

Choice of one of the following 3 special offers:

50% discount on one-way travel drop-off fee

50% discount on the Economy Package (4 x 800 km + bedding + kitchen equipment)

50% discount on the Premium Package (unlimited mileage + quick pick-up and drop-off + bedding + kitchen equipment) 

:fleche: emoji Booking between November 1 and January 31

8% discount on vehicle rental 

Choice of one of the following 3 special offers:

30% discount on one-way travel drop-off fee

30% discount on the Economy Package 

30% discount on the Premium Package 

:fleche: emoji Booking between February 1 and 28 (not applicable for summer rental)

5% discount on vehicle rental 

Choice of one of the following 3 special offers:

20% discount on one-way travel drop-off fee

20% discount on the Economy Package

20% discount on the Premium Package 

The numbers speak for themselves, don't they?


#3. Book early

van rental usa

I forgot to mention, booking early also gives you greater flexibility. For example, if you book before you buy your plane tickets, you can consider all your options.

Let me explain.

One-way rental

If you're not constrained by your flights, you can compare prices for a one-way rental, in both directions.  

For example, for a type C for 4 people, for 14 days:

:pin: emoji  Las Vegas :fleche: emoji San Francisco : €1354  

:pin: emoji  San Francisco :fleche: emoji Las Vegas : €1503 

Pickup day

A 2-week rental prices can also vary depending on the day of the week

For example, a type C for 2 people, for 14 days:

Pick-up and return on a Tuesday    924 € 

Pick-up and return on a Friday    895 € 

Also, some rental companies with lower prices are closed on Sundays.

With time to plan and flexibility, you will be able to find the most economical RV that meets all your criteria.

For testing your different options, our price comparison platform will be your best friend!


#4. Book early

west coast usa rv rental

… Because it gives you time to really plan out your itinerary. Once you have planned your route, you will be able to choose the right options for you.  

The one that will save you the most is the distance option: by buying the right number of kilometres, you will avoid paying for extra kilometres if you go over. 

In addition, paying by the kilometre once you get there will be more expensive than if you book them in advance.

If you remember Point 2, this option often comes with a discount in the "book early" specials.


#5. Book early

good prices for usa rv rental

Bravo, you had already guessed Point 5, right?  

I understand, more skeptical readers are still here because they need another reason to book early. 

So here it is: there is a wider selection of available vehicles.  

You'll have a greater choice of vehicles, but most importantly, you'll avoid the unpleasant surprise of being told that the vehicle you want is not available on your travel dates.

Here is how that can affect your budget:

If there is less availability, you may end up having to take a larger vehicle than you need. Yes, the smaller vehicles go quickly!

And a larger vehicle means more expensive rental and... a larger gas budget.

That is certainly not the way to save.


This concludes my 5 tips to save on your RV rental in the United States.

The formula to remember: 

Booking early = savings. :idee: emoji

You are now ready to apply that formula to save on your rental! 

Any questions? Don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below. 

Karolane Lessard

An enthusiast of both our vibrant cities & great oudoors, my life revolves around travel & adventure. It's a no brainer that I have to share the wonders & secrets of my neck of the woods with other travelling souls. Enjoy the journey!


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