When should I visit the U.S.?

To know when to visit the U.S., you first need to know where you're going!

The climate of the United States varies a great deal from north to south and from east to west.

We will consider 3 main regions: the Western U.S., Florida and the East Coast.


Best time to visit the Western U.S.

  • Very Favourable
  • Favourable
  • Unfavourable

quand voyager dans l'ouest américainThe Western U.S. can be enjoyed all year round. 

However, it is important to note that you may encounter snow from December to February, but not enough to interfere with your trip. Many visitors go there specifically during this season to discover the charm of the canyons under the snow.

Peak tourist season in the Western U.S. is in July and August. It is very hot and the area is teeming with visitors. Be careful in Death Valley at this time of year, as average temperatures are around 50 degrees Celcius. 

April and May are a perfect time to discover this legendary destination.

The California coast is much cooler than you might think. Only the most adventurous will dare to go swimming in the Pacific Ocean. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius all year round, in winter and summer alike.


Best time to visit Florida

  • Very Favourable
  • Favourable
  • Unfavourable

quand voyager en Floride Americans call Florida the "Sunshine State", and for good reason.

It is always sunny, so you can travel there all year round.

Peak season is in winter. That is when there are the most tourists and prices are at their highest (January to March).

Florida is very hot in summer, and many travellers go there specifically for that reason.


Best time to visit the Eastern U.S.

  • Very Favourable
  • Favourable
  • Unfavourable

quand voyager dans l'est américainWhile it is possible to visit the cities of New York or Boston all year round, it is important to note that winter weather can be harsh in the Eastern U.S.

Winters (December to March) are cold (-10 degrees Celsius) and there is often a lot of snow. There are fewer tourists and the prices are lower.

Outside of winter, the Eastern U.S is an ideal destination, especially from May to October.


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