United States fact sheet


Fiche technique des États-UnisAREA: 4th largest country in the world
- Total: 9,629,048 km2
- Water (%): 2.20%


POPULATION: Ranked 3rd largest in the world
- Total: 331,719,089
- Density: 36 inhab./km2


US$20,540 billion
GDP per capita: US$62,794.59

Main economic activities: agriculture, mining, chemicals, computers and electronics, aerospace, automotive industry.
Main trading partners: Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany.


General information

Capital: Washington (D.C.)
Official languages: English
Currency: American dollar ($) - Currency converter

Head of state: Joe Biden (President)

Political institutions: Constitutional federal republic consisting of one federal district and 50 federated states. According to the constitution, the power to make laws is shared between the central legislature and the legislative assemblies of the territories making up the federation.

Ethnicity: 74.1% European American, 12.4% African American, 4.4% Asian American, 1.5% Native American and Alaskan, 0.3% Oceanic American and 7.8% other origins.


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