What is the price of gas in the U.S.?

Prix de l'essence aux États-Unis When planning an American road trip, you need to have a gas budget

Be aware of fluctuating gas prices.

Finding a balance between comfort and consumption when choosing your rental vehicle can help you save on your gas budget.

Gas generally costs about half as much in the U.S. as in Europe.



Gas Buddy is an app that provides current gas prices across the U.S. (and western Canada). You can use it to help calculate a realistic budget.

Pay attention to the fuel consumption listed on the technical specifications sheet when choosing your rental vehicle. This may differ considerably between different models. Also note that fuel consumption is evaluated by the manufacturer. Vehicles usually consume two or three more litres than the amount indicated.

Gas prices in rural areas are always lower than in the city. 

We recommend filling the tank early in the week, because prices tend to be higher from Thursday to Sunday.


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