Gourmet dinner


Duration: about 2 hours
Schedule: 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Season: open daily
Location: Old Québec

Enjoy a romantic gourmet dinner at one of the most renowned restaurants in the old Capital!

You will immediately be struck by the freshness of the décor. The indoor garden creates a magnificent dining space, in winter and summer alike.

As for the cuisine, the restaurant's prodigious reputation says it all.

The chef creates unforgettable and refined culinary delights that are in tune with the seasons: cariboo with red fruit, garlic crusted tempura tuna on artichoke, Valrhona chocolate with vanilla-infused milk... The names are as lovely as the dishes are tasty.

Fine dining at its best...


Season Adult 0 to 17 yrs old
2023/01/01 to 2023/03/30 £100 £44
2023/03/31 to 2023/03/31 £100 £43
2023/04/01 to 2023/12/31 £100 £43
2024/01/01 to 2024/03/28 £103 £45
2024/03/29 to 2024/03/29 £103 £44
2024/03/30 to 2024/03/31 £103 £44

* Prices include 4-course dinner, tip and applicable taxes.
* A special 3-course menu (soup, main course, dessert) is reserved for guests under 18.
* Beverages are not included.
* Several celebrities have dined in this restaurant during their stay in Québec City including Sting, Paul McCartney and Johnny Halliday.
* In the event that the restaurant is booked, a restaurant with a similar menu will be proposed.


48, rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, (QC)