VIP insurance with El Monte - RV USA


***included in our rates***

Deductible = $1,000 in the event of an accident

Insurance coverage
Travel with your mind at ease. All vehicles come with third party liability protection coverage of up to $1 million against claims of bodily injury and property damage brought against the company.

Exclusions: Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of a rental vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the rental contract.
  • Rental vehicle swaps.
  • Protection for personal property and non-accidental damages.
  • Costs incurred in transporting damaged vehicle to the rental station, including towing and storage, while travelling in Alaska or Northern Canada.
  • All damage caused during off-road use.
  • Overheating or freezing of rental vehicle systems.
  • Damage from backing up the rental vehicle.
  • Any accident caused by wilful misconduct, violation of any law, and/or while driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Damage to motorhome slide-out.
  • Damage caused by failure to maintain the rental vehicle.
  • Rental vehicle damage caused by driver falling asleep at the wheel, or inattentive driving.
  • Accidents arising out of the use of a rental vehicle by an unauthorized driver.

In addition, for even greater peace of mind, supplemental liability insurance of $1 million is included for claims made against the Guest in the event of an accident.

The liability coverage is void if it is shown that the vehicle is not driven safely and in compliance with all rental terms and conditions.

Guest's responsibility
There is a maximum deductible of $1,000 in the event of damage and/or collision. This amount will be blocked on the credit card of the principal driver when the vehicle is picked up, and refunded upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received.

Travel Restrictions

Off-road: Travel on non-public, unpaved and / or ‘logging’ roads is not permitted at any time.

Death Valley: Travelling in or traversing Death Valley is not permitted in July and August. In May, June and September travel is permitted, however customer is fully responsible for all mechanical problems and/or towing or vehicle recovery costs. Ground temperatures can reach 140º F or 60ºC.

Mexico: Travel is permitted at client’s own risk and only with purchase of El Monte RV’s Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI), available at all southwest locations. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs, lost use or deductibles for damage.

• New York City / Manhattan: Travel is not permitted.

Alaska / Northern Canada: Travel is permitted at client’s own risk. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs or lost use.

Winter: Travel during winter months is permitted. However freezing conditions may occur in Spring and Fall at higher elevations and should be anticipated and precautionary measures taken. Clients are responsible for any damage due to systems freezing or cold weather. As a precautionary measure, water may be replaced by anti-freeze to prevent water systems from freezing. Clients are then not allowed to use any water systems, including the toilet or shower, until they have travelled to consistently above zero temperatures. In the event the clients want to replace the anti-freeze with water the client may be charged up to $150 to re-winterize or de-winterize the vehicle. Special instructions may be given at the rental counter.

Summer: Travel in summer months and /or in extreme temperatures can strain motor home systems such as roof and dash air conditioners, generator and refrigerator. We maintain our motor home fleet to accommodate all weather conditions; however, clients should be made aware that performance of motor home systems under extreme conditions cannot be guaranteed. Roof A/C units will only cool the interior of the motorhome up to a maximum of 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Ontario / Quebec: Due to increased incidence of theft, motorhomes are not allowed to be left unattended within the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. We recommend leaving the motorhome parked at a campground and use taxis or public transportation. Details available at pick up location. Clients planning on travelling in these areas must inform rental station prior to departure.