How can I make money with affiliation ?

Start earning money in 3 easy steps.

1- Register

Once you have signed up for the Authentik Affiliate Program by clicking the red button above, you can start integrating our products onto your website.

2- Integrate

Once the integration is complete, you can earn up to 10% of the sales made on tracked visitors from your website.

3- Generate profit

Track your performance and income in real time on the portal.


3 ways to integrate our products on your website


1- Tracked link

You can insert a text link on your website which is configured to allow us to follow the visitor from your website until the sale on ours, if applicable, thanks to the follow-up report available on your Authentik affiliate area.

This link can also be integrated on a banner, in a newsletter or on your social networks.


2- Product feed

Enter a code on your website, at your desired location, and display a section of our website of your choice.

In example, it is possible to integrate one (or more) road trip summary like this:

Widget comparateur de location de voiture


Or, you can decide to integrate one of our price comparators for car or motorhome rental. It will look like this :

Widget d'intégration de road trip


3- API

Finally, you can connect to our API to display our road trips on your website. This solution offers you much more flexibility but it requires an advanced level in programming.


Products and commissions

It is possible to feature all of our products on your website, from road trips to car and motorhome rentals.

The commission is different for each product and ranges between 4% and 10%, depending on the volume you direct to Authentik.

Here are roughly the details of the remuneration:

1- Road trips : 8 to 10%, depending on volume.

2- Car and motorhome rentals : 4 to 5%, depending on volume. 

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