"Peace of Mind" guarantee

Leave with peace of mind with this protection that allows you to book your trip with confidence, without the fear of losing your money in the event of travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

If you book your trip now, this guarantee allows you to cancel your trip free of charge in the event of border closures up to 72 hours prior to your departure date


FREE Cancellation

If you plan to travel to the United States in 2022 and borders closures you will be able to cancel your trip without any penalty. 

You must send an email to your road trip specialist no less than of 72 hours before your departure.  


Road trips

You have up to 72 hours before your departure date to decide to cancel your trip, otherwise the general conditions of sale will apply.

RV rental

Foll all trips booked after June 1st 2022, the peace of mind guarantee is not valid for RV rentals. 


Important notes
* This “Peace of Mind” guarantee is valid for all bookings made after October 23rd, 2020.
* This is not applicable on resheduled trips using travel credits.