Top 10 out-of-the-ordinary accommodations in the American West

Why not add a touch of originality to Western USA tours

But how, you may ask?

To help you prepare your next road trip, here is a list of the 10 best out-of-the-ordinary accommodations in the American West.

#10. Zion Mountain Ranch

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Zion Mountain Ranch
  • Location: Mount Carmel, minutes from Zion National Park
  • Website: Click here

Located on a wide plain right next to the mountains of Zion National Park, this cluster of cabins and lodges welcomes travellers from around the world in search of comfort and tranquility.

These rather luxurious lodgings are built around a ranch that is home to its own herd of buffalo. 

The ranch's Cordwood restaurant serves excellent seasonal cuisine prepared from ingredients grown on the ranch. 

If you wish to eat there, be sure to reserve your table in advance. 

#9. Grand Canyon Caverns

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Grand Canyon Caverns
  • Location: Peach Springs, an hour from Kingman
  • Website: Click here

Grand Canyon Inn on the legendary Route 66 offers 48 quite ordinary motel rooms. 

What makes it interesting is the 49th room, which is more than 70 metres underground, deep in a 65-million-year-old cavern!

This unique underground hotel suite can accommodate up to 6 people. 

With zero humidity, nary an insect (or bat, or mouse) lives down in the Cavern Suite. You're sure to get a good night's sleep! In fact, the utter silence is quite surprising (some would say unsettling)!

This type of stay is not for everyone. Don't try it if you're claustrophobic!


#8. El Rancho

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El Rancho Hotel
  • Location: Gallup, New Mexico
  • Website: Click here

Are you a fan of John Wayne, Westerns and the great stars of American cinema? This place is for you!

The historic El Rancho Hotel was highly popular throughout the 1930s to 1940s, housing many movie stars who were filming Westerns in the area.

The guest rooms may seem dated and somewhat cold by today's standards, but you will be able say that you slept in a room where a real movie star slept!

Take a few minutes to look at the numerous photos, many of which are signed, that decorate the walls of the lobby. 

If you're a light sleeper, expect to be woken by the train which passes quite close by… or bring earplugs!


#7. Dunton Hot Springs

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Duntuon Hotsprings
  • Location: Dolores, Colorado 
  • Website: Click here

Dunton Hot Springs is an authentic ghost town abandoned by gold miners in 1918. 

Today the perfectly restored, exquisitely furnished, hand-hewn log cabins form a luxurious (but relaxed) guest resort that is one of a kind.

Dunton Hot Springs offers everything you could want for a relaxing retreat, from natural hot springs to delicious meals prepared from local organic ingredients. 


#6. Treebones Resort Big Sur

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Tree Bones Resort
  • Location: Big Sur, on Highway 1
  • Website: Click here

Do you enjoy glamping? Check in to a yurt on California’s breathtaking Big Sur Coast, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Treebone Resort is a group of 16 yurts with breathtaking panoramic ocean views. Each yurt has its own redwood view deck with Adirondack chairs, perfect for morning coffee or cocktail hour.

The yurts are designed with comfort in mind and offer plush, comfortable beds, couch, hot & cold running water, heating, etc.

The resort also houses two restaurants, a bar, a swimming pool and a spa for the enjoyment of its guests. 

A premier "glamping" experience!

Due to recent flooding in California, Highway 1 is closed until further notice. Ask about accessibility before booking. 


#5. Bellagio Hotel

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Bellagio Hotel

Who has never heard of this luxury hotel and casino, located on the Las Vegas Strip? 

The Italian-inspired Bellagio rises proudly behind its 8-acre artificial lake, in which the hotel's famous fountains are perfectly reflected.

Nothing is too beautiful for Vegas! At the Bellagio, even the standard rooms have a marble bathroom! 

The hotel's theater hosts Cirque du Soleil all year round. The hotel complex also contains a spa, gardens, 5 swimming pools, an art gallery, several restaurants, and dozens of upscale shops.

Don't miss the free Bellagio fountain show, presented every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on time of day. 


#4. The Shady Dell

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Shady Dell
  • Location: Bisbee, Arizona
  • Website: Click here

If you like vintage, you'll love Shady Dell!

This trailer court on Highway 80 invites you to spend the night in an authentic 1950s travel trailer. 11 charming vintage trailers, all very different and all original, are ready to welcome to you. 

Voted one of the best unusual places to stay in Arizona, Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park is a unique hidden gem that will take you back in time. 


#3. Moab Under Canvas

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Moab Under Canvas
  • Location: Moab, between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park
  • Website: Click here

Located between two national parks (both of which are well worth a visit during your Western U.S. trip), this is the perfect place to stay for the glamping-loving modern adventurer.  

The luxury tents of Moab Under Canvas enjoy a breathtaking setting in the middle of the desert. It's a true paradise for lovers of the Wild West.

Even if the cozy bed makes you want to sleep in, I encourage you to set your alarm clock at dawn to enjoy the sunrise. 


#2. FireTree Bed & Breakfast

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Fire Tree
  • Location: Monument Valley
  • Website: Click here

Part of the Navajo Tribal Lands, mythical Monument Valley is everything you would expect of the Far West.

FireTree Bed & Breakfast offers a stay in a hogan, or traditional Navajo dwelling. FireTree's hogans are built in the traditional Navajo way from fragrant juniper and ponderosa logs covered with earth: it doesn't get much more authentic than this!

FireTree offers peace and serenity, a stunning desert setting, and a warm, friendly welcome.

Be sure to enjoy some time on your private patio, gazing up at the starry night skies. Magical!


#1. Rockin’R Ranch

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Rockin' Ranch
  • Location: Antimony, about an hour from Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Website: Click here

Ready for an unforgettable experience? Welcome to Rockin’R Ranch, one of the most popular dude ranches in the American West.

To help you take a step back and slow down, there are no clocks and no television. You will live to the rhythm of the schedule that you set yourself.

The ranch offers an array of activities including horseback riding, gold panning, archery, hiking, wildlife watching, tubing on the river, lassoing, and more. 

You can even kick up your heels and join a country line dancing lesson!

The ranch is closed on Sundays. I suggest that you do not arrive on a Saturday, so that you can stay at least two days.




And there you go!

What unusual accommodations would you add to this list?

Tell us what you think in the comments below

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